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Dog Walking

Is your four legged friend home alone all day? Do you sometimes come home to a destructive mess? A mid-day walk may be the answer!

Paws on the Bay offers mid-day dog walks, as well as puppy care packages to pet parents in Calvert County and St. Mary’s! We will gladly customize our services to fit you, and your pets needs. A well exercised dog makes for a better behaved family member, and can help cure puppy boredom and keep them from becoming destructive when you are away for the day.

New Client Orientation 

Euna and Amos enjoying a walk!

Euna and Amos on a walk!

We customize our visits to suit you and your pets need. Before we begin service we will meet up with you in your home and discuss the needs of you and your pet(s). This meeting is conducted by a member of our team at a time of your choosing. At this time, we ask that you provide us with two (2) copies of your keys, one to go to our pet care provider, and one to be stored just in case any emergencies arise (these keys will be returned to you when our relationship ends). Our pet care provider will also bring with them a copy of our vet release form (in case there are any medical emergencies with your pet during our visit) that will authorize vet care at a vet of your choosing. This visit is free, and is simply a way for you to get to know your pet care provider, and for our provider to get to know you and your pet.                                                 

Mid-Day dog walks take place between 10am and 4pm.

If you need an earlier or later walk, it is no problem at all! Just drop us a text, email or phone call and we would be happy to accommodate you! We are available to walk between 8am and 7pm, we just need a heads up as to what time would best suit you and your pet.

We offer both 15 minute and 30 minute visits. A 15 minute walk is mostly just a potty break, and is available for $18 a day or $16 a day with a monthly contract of at least 3 days a week. A 30 minute walk is offered for pets who need a longer of a walk and is $22 a day or $20 a day with a monthly contract of at least 3 days a week.

Does your pet require a longer walk? Just let us know and we can work something out!

Puppy Care Package

Did you just adopt a new baby? Are you worried about leaving him or her alone all day while you are at work? Paws on the Bay can help! We offer two 15 minute visits a day for $29 a day. These visits are usually between two one hour time blocks, a few hours apart. For example we can visit your little guy between 10 and 11am, and again between 2 and 3pm so we can make sure they have a potty break, as well as some cuddles.  This care package is for puppies under 6 months of age.