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Pet Sitting

Paws on the Bay offers Pet Sitting to our clients in Southern Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties.

If you are outside of our service area, give us a call or an email and we maybe able to help as it depends on how far you are outside of the area as we are always willing to try and help.

New Client Orientation

We customize our visits to suit you and your pets need. Before we begin service we will meet up with you in your home and discuss the needs of you and your pet(s). This meeting is conducted by a member of our team at a time of your choosing. At this time, we ask that you provide us with two (2) copies of your keys, one to go to our pet care provider, and one to be stored just in case any emergencies arise (these keys will be returned to you when our relationship ends). Our pet care provider will also bring with them a copy of our vet release form (in case there are any medical emergencies with your pet during our visit) that will authorize vet care at a vet of your choosing. This visit is free, and is simply a way for you to get to know your pet care provider, and for our provider to get to know you and your pet.

Pet Sitting Service


Cairo enjoying some spring sunshine.

Are you going away for a business trip or vacation? Don’t worry! We will gladly take care of your fur babies while you are out of town. We offer 30 minute visits for pet sitting. During this time we will provide your pet with fresh water, fresh food, a potty break, litter box cleaning, and play time! We will also give your home that “lived in” look by adjusting lights, getting the mail or paper, watering plants or anything else you may wish done while you are away from home.

Each 30 minute visit is $22 and we offer this visit 1-4 times a day.

If we are pet sitting your dog, we request this visit is done at least twice a day, so we can make sure there are no messes waiting for you when you return home. We will of course clean any messes on our own visits.

Kwik Kitty Visits

Cats are pretty self sufficient when they are left to their own devices but some of us still rest easier when someone can pop in just to check on them. A 15 minute visit is can be just enough to clean up the litter boxes, give them some food, clean water and perhaps a little play time. This service is $18, and will be provided once a day just to make sure they are doing alright.

Pet Boarding

If you do not wish to leave your pet at home while you are away, we can gladly take them into our own home for boarding if you like. They will have the company of our own dogs (and cats) as well as a large yard to play in, plenty of fresh water and lots of cuddles!

If you wish your dog (or cat) to stay with us, each over night stay is $50.

At this time we do not offer over night stays within your home.


  • Holiday visits include a $10 surcharge per visit.
  • Holidays include: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.