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Pet Taxi

Do you need to take your dog or cat to the groomer? Do they have a vet appointment but you cannot get off work? Did you forget to buy them some pet food? Did you lock yourself out of the house?

Don’t fret! Paws on the Bay can help! We offer a pet taxi service that is $25 an hour from when we leave your home, to when we arrive at the drop off point.

Do you need some errands taken care of?

We can help with that as well! We will charge your account the amount of the item that needed to be picked up, plus $20 for the service.

Did you lock yourself out of the house?

Not a problem! We will gladly help with that as well at any time of the day (you can even email or call us late at night, though if we are asleep it may be harder to get a hold of us). We will come to your home asap and charge your account $25.